Our company provides the following formats:

HD CAM, HD CAM SR, Digital Beta, D1, D2, D3, 1”, 2”, Beta SP, ¾”, 8MM, DVC Pro, Mini DV, DV Cam, S-VHS, VHS, 8MM Film, S8MM, 16 MM Film, DVD, and Blu-Ray.

Film transferred to video, PAL and Secam Conversions

DVD/CD Duplication & Replication 

Digital Distribution

DVD Authoring

Closed Captioning and Encoding

Offset printing on Disc

Videotape to file conversion

Video file storage

Fulfillment services

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

1. We only use all new Grade A stock in our duplication process.

2. All dubs are screened for quality prior to delivery.

3. We have the most technically advanced facility on the East Coast.

4. Our equipment is maintained by our own engineers to ensure that the quality of your duplications exceeds industry standards.

5. We have a full service video library with a full-time librarian, a temperature control system and a comprehensive bar-code system to ensure the efficient running of the library. 

6. Our shipping department is ready to bulk ship or individually ship your order to any specifications.  We utilize all major-shipping companies, and we even have our own messenger service for prompt same day deliveries. Freight and postal shipment options are available ensuring reliable delivery at reasonable prices.

  1. 7.We accept all major Credit Cards.  

  2. 8.When your last minute project needs to get done in a hurry, there’s no need to worry.  We will work all hours, any day to get your job done!

  3. 9.Award-winning service!

  4. 10. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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